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Later Life Planning

When you decide to take out a funeral plan, it often prompts considerations about organising all aspects of your life. At Serene, we understand this, and we offer a personalised later-life planning service designed specifically to meet your unique needs. We provide expert advice and guidance to assist you in making well-informed decisions.

The Benefits of a Family Protection Trust

By transferring the majority of your assets into a Family Protection Trust, there should be no probate/executry procedures, or associated costs, ensuring a swift settlement of your estate.

By placing your assets in a Family Protection Trust, you can prevent potential claims from disinherited relatives, allowing you to dictate who inherits from your estate.

For married individuals or those in civil partnerships, setting up a Family Protection Trust and transferring assets can circumvent the risk of assets passing to a new spouse in the event of remarriage, safeguarding them for intended beneficiaries. 


If you set up a Family Protection Trust when you are reasonably fit and healthy, provided care is not your foreseeable future, the local authority cannot assume you set up the trust for the avoidance of care home costs. Your money should be protected against Local Authority claims, meaning your assets including your home.

Protecting your assets in a Family Protection Trust mitigates the risk of incurring Inheritance Tax implications for your children, ensuring assets are preserved for their benefit without forming part of their taxable estate.

The Benefits of a Will

A Will ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes upon your death, allowing you to allocate gifts to family members and designate trusted individuals as executors to ensure your wishes are carried out. 

Provides peace of mind by ensuring your estate is handles as per your desires, minimising distress for family and friends during an already challenging time whilst reducing additional legal costs.

It is advisable to periodically review your Will to ensure it remains aligned with your circumstances and to account for any changes in legislation.


This empowers someone to make decisions on your behalf regarding your finances and/or health and welfare needs if you become incapacitated or no longer wish to make decisions for yourself. 

Involves arranging one’s assets and financial affairs during their lifetime to facilitate a seamless and tax-efficient transfer of wealth to beneficiaries upon death.

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