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Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Simple Plan

A low-key funeral with friends and family in attendance. 

Simple Plan Includes

Simple Plan Doesn't Include

Family viewing, use of the chapel of rest, limousines, embalming, flowers, orders of service, newspaper notices (obituaries), wake/funeral tea, minister or officiant’s fee, burial or cremation fees, burial plot, headstone or memorial and live streaming at the crematorium, choice of time and date of the crematorium. 

Third Party Costs

Each Serene Funeral Plan has an allowance towards third-party costs. Third-party costs (also known as disbursements) are fees which need to paid at the time of the funeral. The Funeral Director has no control over these costs. 

The value of the allowance attributed to third-party costs in the plan may grow over time. If at the time of need the third-party costs exceed the attributed allowance (inclusive of any growth in your plan), your family will be asked to make up the shortfall.

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