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Demystifying Death Week, 6th - 12th May, 2024

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Community Comfort Cafe

Conversations relating to topics such as funeral wishes can feel daunting – even superstitious. However, it is crucial to address these concerns and dispel any myths surrounding them, as avoiding the conversation does not change the inevitability of these matters.

Our upcoming ‘Community Comfort Cafe” event on Thursday 9th of May will be held at our offices (17 Admiral Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow G41 1HP) from 10 am – 4 pm, and is designed to provide a supportive space where individuals can openly share their thoughts, concerns, fears, and experience regarding bereavement, death, funeral planning, and later-life planning.

This is a community initiative – open to everyone – and we hope that by coming together, attendees will find support and understanding from like-minded individuals. Throughout the event, attendees will have access to informative talks on funeral plans and later-life planning (delivered by our legal partner Jones Whyte Solicitors), and will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Tea, coffee, sandwiches, and cake will be provided.

Having the Conversation

At Serene Funeral Planning, we aim to create a safe and supportive space for such discussions to take place. We recognise that many people find it difficult to broach the subject of death, bereavement, funeral planning, and later-life planning – whether due to superstitions or discomfort around these topics. Nevertheless, by engaging in these conversations, we can alleviate fears and ensure that your wishes are known and respected.

Following a recent survey (conducted by Coop Funeralcare – February 2024) the findings highlight the hesitancy many feel expressing their funeral wishes, with millions in the UK alone finding it challenging to discuss. This reluctance may stem from various reasons, including the fear of tempting fate or the misconception that such conversations can be put off indefinitely.

Demystifying Death

At Serene, we are committed to bridging this gap, by partnering with organisations like the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care and supporting their ‘Demystifying Death Week‘ campaign to encourage open dialogue.

Our objective is to empower individuals to have these necessary conversations, relieving their loved ones of the burden of making decisions about their end-of-life arrangements. By embracing openness and knowledge, we can overcome superstitions and ensure that your final wishes are honoured with dignity and respect.

Here are alternative explanations for some of the common myths that we will be discussing:

Q: How soon after the service will the cremation take place?

Typically, cremations occur shortly after the service. However, in cases where a service concludes late in the day or if there is an equipment malfunction, the cremation may be postponed until the following morning.

Q: Why cannot shoes be worn?

Shoes are made of certain materials, like rubber, vinyl, or latex can release harmful chemicals when cremated. While modern crematoria are equipped with filters to reduce environmental impact, they cannot entirely eliminate these chemicals.

Q: Does my coffin get cremated or reused?

Contrary to widespread belief, the coffin is cremated alongside the deceased. Crematoria follow strict protocols outlined in the Code of Cremation Practice to ensure ethical practices. All ashes, including any items placed in the coffin, like photos or letters, belong solely to the deceased and are collected before the cremator is used again.

Q: How do I know it is my ashes being returned to the family?

Crematoriums have rigorous procedures in place to ensure individual cremations and the return of ashes to either the family or the funeral director. Reputable funeral directors also have stringent protocols to document and handle ashes according to the deceased’s wishes or the next of kin’s instructions – ensuring timely and respectful handling.

Did any of the answers above smash the superstition for you? Make sure you pop over to our Community Comfort Cafe on Thursday 9th May to find out more!

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